SCM Research Report – CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc (CRWD)


CrowdStrike Research Report – CY Q2 2020


CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (“CrowdStrike”, “Crowd”, or “CRWD”) will be the biggest beneficiary of the
ongoing transition in the Cyber Security industry from a signature-based, on-premise (“on-prem”) solution to a behavior-based, cloud-enabled solution (“Security-as-a-Service” or “SECaaS”). The security challenges presented by the global digital transformation, in addition to today’s remote or hybrid workforce, are best solved by a cloud-native platform. CrowdStrike Falcon is the leading solution for the modern enterprise, as it aggregates and analyses data in the cloud, operates at scale, and is easy to deploy and manage on a fully remote basis.


This 16-page investment research report contains a company analysis, industry analysis, and valuation prior to Q2 2020 earnings.


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