Seifel Capital Management (“SCM”) endeavors to produce outsized returns through concentration of high conviction ideas, relentless focus on the critical factors that drive an investment thesis and markets, and thoughtful risk management to optimize an asymmetric return profile.
A core component of SCM’s mission is to spread investing knowledge and inform the general public of a thoughtful approach to the investing process. This is facilitated through a newsletter and active discussion on Twitter.

We take a first principles approach to investing, utilizing Occam’s Razor to frame an investment analysis. Simplifying the investment thesis down to the 1-2 critical factors that matter allow us to track the efficacy of the thesis and identify when we are wrong. We utilize an effective risk management program to ensure that the overall impact on the portfolio is small when we are wrong. The basis of our success is rooted in an ability to develop a clear understanding of the present. As no one can predict the future, we utilize probabilistic thinking to extrapolate out differentiated views of future end states. The result of this framework allows us to make concentrated bets depending on the level of conviction we have.

Christopher Seifel founded Seifel Capital Management after a career investing in the private markets, with the goal of bringing a private equity approach to the public markets. Christopher’s unique background allows him to think differently than many other investors, which is the source of his ability to generate alpha. Intellectual curiosity, passion for investing, and dedication to excellence drives everything he does.

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